Landfill Management

"From Waste to Value"

"From Waste to Value"

Conversion of Malaysian landfills to enhance environmental compliance.

The GREENTECH stands for proven solutions in design, develop and to maintain focusing on customer benefits, the number one priority is that the uptime of the system and technology in maximizing the operation up to super-efficient. The idea in collaborating with the leading technology provider in this field able to handle waste on landfill sites in a cost efficient way, using all available resources to reach the optimal result.

In Greentech we are proposing the development and management of efficient waste-to-energy technologies. We can generates huge savings for our clients – and the environment – as it extracts landfill gas and converts it into a safe, clean and reliable renewable energy source and also to recycle the waste into other sources of material products.

The decomposition of biomass on landfills releases a biogas or landfill gas. Landfill gas consists mainly of Methane and Carbon Dioxide, and if released back into the atmosphere, methane contributes to Global Warming and does considerably more damage than Carbon Dioxide alone. However, via waste-to-energy technologies, methane can be captured from landfill sites and processed to create electricity as energy fuel source.

“For A Better Life, Clean & Green Environment”

The anticipated benefits for the Government include the following:




Fulfilling a fundamental social obligation of handling rehabilitation landfill and sludge. Provide the Government with a Sustainable Environment Model, which will enhance its attractiveness to both foreign and local investors. Use of leading-edge Biotechnology solution for waste-to-energy and recycling which provides a Green Educational opportunity Complements existing waste disposal, recycling and Renewable Energy Reducing ground and surface water pollution from landfill.




Zero emission due to non-combustion nature of process. Closed plant eliminating odours whilst waste water is recycled No release of dioxin into the atmosphere as compared to incineration Net producer of Renewable Energy (RE) via conversion of waste-to-energy, which forms part of Malaysia’s overall National Energy Policy Objectives.




Utilizes significant proportion of local materials in plant fabrication Plant has lower capital expenditure and operating expenditure requirements in comparison with alternative systems including incineration and landfill Disposal waste is converted to products with positive value (eg. Energy, humus products, composite fertilizer), thus offsetting operating costs.




Leading-edge waste processing technology and best practice in waste handling thus providing an opportunity for technology transfer and for the Government to upgrade its technology base Customizing design of a AD plant for the Government creates local Intellectual Property (IP) and subsequent IP exploitation opportunities.