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Infrastructure Construction

Infrastructure projects focus on the development and maintenance of services, facilities, and systems. These can be funded by private companies, publicly, or combined as a public-private partnership (a collaboration of government entities and private sector companies). The private investments can help manage the economic development of a city, state and country.

Landfill Management

The decomposition of biomass on landfills releases a biogas or landfill gas. Landfill gas consists mainly of Methane and Carbon Dioxide, and if released back into the atmosphere, methane contributes to Global Warming and does considerable more damage than Carbon Dioxide alone. However, via waste-to-energy technologies, methane can be captured from landfill sites and processed to create electricity as energy fuel source.

Energy Installations

The adoption of government initiative to ensure the long-term sustainability of the energy sector through resource diversification, continuous investment in new infrastructure and state-of-the-art technology deployment. The main challenge highlighted was governance in the future energy economy which will be important in setting the tone for harnessing renewable energies and energy storage technologies.