About Us



The GREENTECH stands for proven solutions in design, develop and to maintain focusing on customer benefits, the number one priority is that the uptime of the system and technology in maximizing the operation up to super-efficient. The idea in collaborating with the leading technology provider in this field able to handle waste on landfill sites in a cost efficient way, using all available resources to reach the optimal result.

GREENTECH is a privately owned company, where long term targets are set, and we always operate with our customers in mind. Key principles in GREENTECH's operation are reliability, customer orientation, responsiveness and continuous improvement. Having competed for market share with large multinational corporations, GREENTECH has been able to differentiate itself and to win its customers' trust by relying on these core values.

Our Mission

To Strive for Becoming The Best

Our Vision

Our aim to be Asian most leading company in doing the development & construction and giving new green ideas. Creating new economic dimension, helping all our customer and consumer in this region.

We are working together with the best makers in our industry to enhance the most meaningful result.

Creating meaningful changes for our clients, our community partners and ourselves.